J’enregistre chez Fast Forward depuis une dizaine d’années : 3cd acclamés par la critique avec mon band Blues Delight, des musiques pour le théâtre et pour le cinéma. Fast Forward est comme ma deuxième maison.C’est un endroit accueillant, professionnel et créatif !
Vincent Beaulne
Artiste de Blues et compositeur

Since I have been appointed Musical Director of Cirque du Soleil in 2005, we have had a great number of projects produced at Studio Fast Forward, and each time the result I get from the Team and the studio is always more than expected. From tracking rhythm sections to strings, Mixing in stereo (CDs) and/or 5.1 (DVDs) or for personnal Remix projects, I have always been impressed by the quality of work and sound. The Studio has a great vibe, a very professionnal and collaborative Team, and the Studio Gear, from Mics to Analog pre-amps, Compressors, guitar pedals etc… gives nice tones to everything. Big shout out to Rob Heaney (Who has produced a number of Cirque’s projects even before my time), head engineer of Studio Fast Forward, for always making our music sound so good and for his dilligence toward my many specific requests.
Alain Vinet
Musical Artistic Director, Cirque du Soleil

Fast Forward est le type de studio où l’on se sent tout de suite à la maison. L’ambiance est super relax et agréable et le staff super professionnel. Le studio A a un son très riche et est très versatile et l’équipement couvre tous les besoins possibles. Et surtout, l’ingénieur résident est probablement le meilleur au canada. Définitivement le studio où aller.
Fast forward is the kind of studio where you feel at home instantly. The vibe is so cool and relax but the staff is very professional. The main room sounds great and is quite versatile and the gear is also great, covering everything i needed and more. Most of all the resident engineer is probably the best in Canada. Definitely the place to go.
Benoit Jutras
Cirque Du Soleil, Dragone

Studio Fastforward is definitely my first choice for all my productions. Whether it’s for mixing, an overdub or an orchestra recording, I always get great results!
Isabelle Cliche
Productions Pierre de Lune Productions–

Studio Fast Forward is a place that holds many fond musical memories for me; working there always feels like coming home. They’ve always been able to get me the results I need, recording ensembles from string quartet to choir to big band, often on tight indie budgets. When Rob Heaney is engineering I’m confident in getting a great sound and mix and I trust his producer instincts to help get the best performances out of the musicians I bring in. With the improvements in the last few years to the sound and vibe of Studio A as well as the addition of surround sound capability, Fast Forward is better than ever.

Michael Picton